Graphic Design and Web Development

Your Home Supply

Learning Objective: Learn and improve in the areas of graphic design and web development

This project is contrived of a number of smaller projects that I worked on while interning for Your Home Supply. I have applied these projects to a learning objective. I began with a desire to learn and improve in the areas of graphic design as well as web design and development.

I used Photoshop to create banners, both animated and static, for various promotions, sales, and exterior advertising enterprises. I have integrated my creatives on the company website using simple HTML code.

My goals for this learning objective were to grow in ability and eventually be able to work independently, and also become more proficient in certain web development skills like using HTML. I have achieved the goals in every area. My creative projects were done independently and I now comfortably manage the Your Home Supply website.

The examples you see in this section are examples of projects and designs that I have worked on for Your Home Supply.

Website, Creatives