Reflective Commentaries


This was a truly incredible experience. I enjoyed the work I did and the people that I worked with. After I graduate, I will be returning to work here full time as an employee.

What have I learned as a result of this internship?

    I have learned that nothing beats experience. Education can only take you so far in preparing you to work in the “real world.” At this job, the teaching method of choice was, figure it out for yourself, or just do it. Questions were welcomed, however it was far more rewarding and it made a more lasting impression when I was left to fend for myself.

What knowledge or skills have I gained?
    My knowledge and skill in Photoshop has drastically increased and I now feel very comfortable in creating all kinds of projects. I am also far better at prioritizing my projects and completing them efficiently and as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of my work.

How has my internship changed my beliefs, behaviors and/or values?
    My beliefs remained largely intact however I find that I have grown to value more things such as patience, teamwork, and being able to ask for help.

What are the implications for me?
    I have greatly been affected by the people that I work with. Working so closely with them everyday has allowed me to form bonds with my co-workers that truly seem lasting and grow stronger everyday. The implications of the knowledge gained and the new experience I have is that I have become a better worker independently as well as a better team player and co-worker to others.

Future Plans
    As I mentioned before, I have been offered to come on as a full time employee at Your Home Supply. After I graduate, I will continue the same work that I have been doing as an intern, however I am sure that my work load will continue to grow as I earn more trust and grow in my skills in various areas.